Cypress Salad

Order your new favorite crispy chicken salad from J. Alexander’s today! Available for order online or in-store when you visit your local restaurant, the Cypess Salad includes chopped crispy chicken tenders, pecans, avocado, tomatoes, bacon, cheese, and scratch-made cornbread croutons.

Popular Types of Cypress Salad

There is only one Cypress Salad, except no substitutes when it comes to fresh greens and scratch-made toppings and dressings. The Cypress Salad is only available at J. Alexander’s and includes farm-fresh avocadoes, top-quality bacon, and super crispy chopped chicken. Order it with your preferred dressing as the main course for lunch or dinner, or get it as a side with your favorite burger or sandwich.

Cypress Salad Ingredients and Sourcing Info

Our chicken is delivered fresh and never frozen from trusted suppliers throughout the United States. Chefs cut the tenders by hand, and each batch of crispy chicken is hand-battered in our secret recipe and fried to order. The result is succulent and super juicy chicken that pairs great with our local, fresh vegetables. We make 98% of the menu in-house, and you can talk to your server about local sourcing for ingredients included in our ever-popular Cypress Salad.

Cypress Salad Health Benefits

Looking for a healthy, low-calorie option to eat for your lunch or dinner? The Cypress Salad is a delicious blend of crispy chicken and farm-fresh vegetables, not to mention indulgent bacon and cheese. Together this dish serves up a serving of protein and a long list of essential vitamins and minerals that will do your body good.

Cypress Salad Customer Review

I can’t tell you much about the menu at J. Alexander’s, except for my go-to dish. I freaking love the Cypress Salad. I keep coming back for this salad again and again. Thank you for always delivering a chicken salad that is as consistent as it is fresh!!
[Allie J.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Best Drinks and Sides with Cypress Salad

The Cypress Salad will go with any of your favorite drinks. Sip some ice water for a business lunch, or order a signature cocktail with your family at dinner. Whatever you are in the mood for, your server can make a recommendation. Order a glass of light-bodied red from our expansive wine selection that changes daily.