Homemade Lasagna

J. Alexander’s homemade lasagna is a classic dish, served with layers of pasta and marinara sauce stacked between homemade fennel sausage and creamy ricotta. To complete the dish, we top it off with our specialty mozzarella and parmesan cheese blend.

Popular Types of Homemade Lasagna

Everyone loves a comforting homemade pasta dish, but nothing tops J. Alexander’s homemade lasagna. With in-house fennel sausage, creamy ricotta, and our mozzarella and parmesan cheese blend, each bite is stuffed with marinara sauce to create a delicious meal.

Homemade Lasagna Ingredients and Sourcing Info

J. Alexander’s homemade lasagna is crafted with made-from-scratch ingredients and farm-to-table produce. Our fennel sausage is homemade each day and cooked over a live wood fire, creating a meal that goes above and beyond a classic pasta dish.

Homemade Lasagna Health Benefits

J. Alexander’s homemade lasagna is full of protein, carbohydrates, and B vitamins. Our homemade fennel sausage also provides a good source of iron, helping to promote healthy blood circulation.

Homemade Lasagna Customer Review

J. Alexander’s homemade lasagna is the most comforting meal you could ever ask for. It’s so cheesy and always hits the spot! I love to order it as my main dish or a filling side to share.
[Nancy M.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Best Drinks and Sides with Homemade Lasagna

Pair your J. Alexander’s homemade lasagna with any of our specialty sides, such as our popular Lemon and Reggiano Broccoli, and your favorite cocktail from our full-service bar. In the mood for a glass of wine? Select a red or white for your palette with our extensive, location-based wine list.