New York Strip

The New York Strip is a popular cut due to its bold, beefy flavor, solid chew, and medium texture. At J. Alexander’s, we pair the dry, aged beef with our Not Your Ordinary Mac & Cheese for a meal that is sure to impress.

Popular Types of New York Strip

From marinated ribeyes to center-cut filet mignons, nothing beats an aged ribeye’s bold, beefy flavor. At J. Alexander’s, our certified Angus beef is cut in-house every day, guaranteed to be fresh and cooked over a wood fire any way you like it.

New York Strip Ingredients and Sourcing Info

J. Alexander’s New York Strip is Certified Angus Beef. All of our meat is corn-fed beef sourced from the mid-west region, leading to a cut rich in robust flavors. We cook our steak on a wood-fired grill to help enhance the flavor and give it the perfect char to our marbled cuts.

New York Strip Health Benefits

J. Alexander’s New York Strip is a relatively lean cut of meat that’s packed with protein while remaining low in carbohydrates. It’s also a great meal choice for your daily dose of selenium.

New York Strip Customer Review

The New York Strip at J. Alexander’s is a bold and flavorful cut that impresses me every time. It is immensely satisfying and always tender and juicy, cooked medium rare just the way I like my steak!
[Dan J.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Best Drinks and Sides with New York Strip

Our flavorful, best-in-class New York Strip is paired with our Not Your Ordinary Mac & Cheese, a match that’s destined to wow your taste buds. Add your favorite cocktail to the mix, or choose a glass of wine from our extensive wine menu.