Turkey Carving Recipe

There are several ways to approach carving your turkey on Thanksgiving. For a traditional approach, start thinly slicing from the breast down. For an easier and more consistent cut, remove the breast meat and start slicing from the small side first. Finally, you can debone the thigh and leg to make a stuffing sausage like you’ve never tried before.

Ian Dodson
J. Alexander’s Team


After roasting your turkey, all you will need is a sharp cutting knife, a large cutting board, and a platter. For the dark meat sausage, you will also need a serving of your favorite stuffing to place in the middle before roasting and finishing in a pan with some butter.


For preparation, watch the tutorial video to determine which carving technique will work best for you and your dinner party. Make sure your knife is clean and sharp and that your cutting board is clean. After you carve your turkey, you will also need a platter or plate to place the carved turkey meat for your guests. If you are going with the third technique, you’ll also need to prepare some stuffing ahead of time and have some saran wrap and tin foil on hand.