Steak Maui

J. Alexander’s doesn’t take steak lightly. Our in-house cut ribeye is corn-fed, high-end beef that’s hardwood grilled to perfection, creating a steak that delights with every bite.

Popular Types of Steak Maui

J. Alexander’s offers multiple types of cuts, but our Steak Maui aims to please. With our hardwood grilled, high-end beef ribeye marinated in our special blend of spices, we’re sure it will satisfy even the pickiest steak eaters.

Steak Maui Ingredients and Sourcing Info

The Steak Maui at J. Alexander’s is high-end, corn-fed beef sourced from mid-western plants where there is a mix of weather. This combination gives the ribeye more marbling for a better flavor on your plate and a tender, juicy steak with each cut.

Steak Maui Health Benefits

The Steak Maui at J. Alexander’s doesn’t only taste good, but it’s also rich in vitamins and minerals. From B6 and B12 to zinc and selenium, you can feel good that your meal is heart-, hair-, and skin-healthy.

Steak Maui Customer Review

I order the Steak Maui every time I visit J. Alexander’s. The ribeye is always juicy and tender, and I love knowing that they cut each steak in-house.
[Maggie P.] ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Best Drinks and Sides with Steak Maui

Our Steak Maui is paired with our hand-smashed potatoes, seasoned with our special in-house blend of spices. Add your favorite cocktail or select a glass of wine from our extensive wine list, filled with wines from around the world.